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To Our Dear Brothers and Sisters in the Faith of Our Lord Jesus Christ:

Grace, peace and blessings be yours from the Father of Our Lord Jesus Christ and the Presence and Power of the Most Holy Spirit.

As we mentioned on our website before, true sexuality between men and women is a gift from God. It is the pathway through which God places new life in this world, so we can glorify the Lord in the next. By expressing our sexuality the way God intended for it to be, we bring life and light to all of Creation as instruments of God's creative impulses.

Think of it! Something that brings so much pleasure being created by a loving God for the glory of His Name and the salvation of souls. A married couple who warmly and lovingly has sex with each other reflects the very Nature of the Trinity, and the Holy Spirit hovers over such a bedside to bring untold blessings with the very act itself.

Everything God has created replicates through love. Those who are married perform the act of sexual intercourse and bring life into the world as well as watering their own souls and spirits with each touch of pleasure, comfort and commitment. Those who are single await this life of giving and receiving, keeping themselves focused and pure before God in expectation of what is to come. And those who are celibate for Christ give themselves in an intensely focus to intimacy with the Lord that render them fruitful beyond the body for all Eternity.

In all ways then, whether married, waiting single or consecrated celibate the fruitfulness of reproduction is something to be cherished and guarded as a sacred treasure, never to be violated, ignored, or taken for granted.

However, the ancient Enemy of souls knows the power that fruitful, committed and empowered lovemaking can bring to the world. He envies the fact that while humans can help create new life he remains sterile, bitter and cut off from any true pleasure or lasting happiness. Satan is the most frigid and sexless of creatures, unable to express any love or caring towards anyone or anything. While all Creation is fruitful and multiplies on the various levels of union, the devil remains alone, barren, dried out and dead inside and out.

Knowing this, the devil tries to impose his view of life-which is nothing more than death and entropy-on all of Creation, starting with humanity. He knows that if he can succeed in making us love his barren, dead and twisted understanding of life, then we will end up as channels of sterility, instead of vessels of life.

One of the ways he can best do this is to lead humans into the sins of fornication.

There are many expressions of this act of mortal sin, but they all have their same source-the heart of the Evil One himself. To fornicate is to take one of the greatest gifts-the pleasure of union that brings new life-and use it as an outhouse for our fears, insecurities and issues. Of all the sins, it is the most pernicious because it is a choice of our bodies, souls and spirits with whom we shall have sex and why. Therefore, using sex in the wrong way affects our whole being.

Let's us examine why this is so.

Everyone must eat or drink. Therefore, it takes great self control not to over do our use of these necessities, since we must have them to survive. But sex is not something we MUST have in order to live. That is why our first years on this earth are not to be concerned with the sex drive, so that we can learn self control with those priorities of life first, before we step into the area of voluntary pleasures and choices.

This is why forcing children to have sex before they have matured in both body and psyche is such an evil. It takes away the necessary boundaries of heart, mind and body that must be in place for people to be able to make reasonable decisions regarding sexual choices. In other words, the release of sexual desires and energy, before the time of consecrated sexual commitment can be the stepping stone to the sexual confusion, hurt and pain that we see so clearly in the world today.

It has gotten to the point where many adults and even children, are unable to express themselves in healthy ways through touch or even speech without falling into patterns of distorted sexuality and cruelty. We see this every day in our media and hear it expressed in the intense frustrations of modern music, clothing and literature. People have more sex and less satisfaction in it because the "thrill is gone" from our relationships. The old ways of love and intimacy are now replaced by fear, bitterness, anger, boredom and deviations that would shock the most jaded person twenty years ago.

The result is a population that worships sensation. If it feels good, it must be good, according to our modern understanding of right and wrong. And when the very people who should have protected and nurtured you are the ones who hurt and sexually betrayed you, why should you believe anything they have to say about good and evil?

This mind set leads to a society of death. The twisted world would glorify momentary sensations over lasting pleasures; fleeting titillation over age old commitment and anything that feels "good or right" over the natural laws of a loving God.

But we have seen what this leads to in the capitals of Europe-aging populations, empty nurseries, barren marriages and children turned out to become sex toys for heartless men and women bent on getting their "kicks" no matter what it costs.

We now have several generations of people who have no natural concept of morality because of the boundaries of sin being violated at such an early age. As such, these men, women and children are demanding that the world accommodate their broken ideas of marriage and sexuality, no matter what the cost. Because of the pain sexual abuse and sexual sin has unleashed upon the world we have over 40 Million babies martyred through legalized abortion, rampant sexually transmitted diseases, lust for breakfast, lunch and dinner on our TV sets, and the movement to go even further in our expressions of sexual freedom. This trend will continue until there is nothing that is not good as far as our own twisted natures are concerned.

The more God cries out for purity, the more people run to sin under the guise of civil rights; and open living. Excess is worshipped in the place of Almighty God and our children past, present and future will be sacrificed on its altar. So, how do you answer a society that treats sexual restraint and old fashioned morality as prejudice and bigotry?

Satans plans for us as a nation are to have us so drunken on the wine of excess and so enslaved to the flesh that we cant get up and defend ourselves with any power from the Lord.

The truth is if the United States falls, the rest of the world will die morally and economically. What is left from our fall will be ruled over by the ministers of the devil himself.

Now, the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty for the pulling down of strongholds, as the Word of God says. We are always ready to explain the faith and its power for changing hearts and lives. But instead of trying to persuade people who dont want to listen, we are calling for all those who want to see this country saved from the tide of filth washing over it to commit themselves to God and the Peace Plan he has sent through the Mother of His Son, Jesus.

God has sent His leading Ambassadress, Mary, the Mother of His Son, Jesus Christ, time and time again to beg the world to come back to the values of life that protected us from the evils now at hand.

In an apparition that is little known in the United States, Mary was at her most revealing concerning purity of body and heart:

"I wish it to be the country dedicated to my purity. I desire that they be the children of my pure Heart. I desire through my children of America to further the cause of faith and purity among people and nations. Cleanse your souls in the precious Blood of My Son. Be my army of chaste soldiers, ready to fight to the death to preserve the purity of your souls."

To do this we need to do three things:
1) Pray the Rosary every day for our people to turn in disgust from sins of the flesh to purity of heart.

2) Wear the Brown Scapular as a sign of our consecration to the Precious Blood of Jesus for purity of heart, psyche and body.

3) Offer up to God, in the view of the Cross, all of our sufferings no matter how large or small. We are especially called to do this through fasting and alms at least twice a week.

A special prayer, written at Mary's request back in 1977, in honor of the Purity Martyrs of Uganda, has been added to these requests to be said with the Rosary. These holy men were beheaded, speared or burnt alive because they refused to support their kings choice of sexuality. He was a practicing homosexual and he was not afraid to choose his partners from adults and children.

That was his right as far as he was concerned. But the martyrs like Charles Lwanga and Joseph Musaka stood up to their king, despite the cowardice of the people around them. They paid the price with their lives. But these men, along with 40 others ended up becoming special patrons for people struggling with homosexual sin and other temptations of fornication.

The promise is that if someone fulfills Marys three requests and prays the Holy Martyrs prayer at the end of each Rosary for a person caught up in sexual sin, the Lord Himself will reveal their sinfulness to that person and give him or her the Grace to repent and change his or her life forever within 30 days to a year after praying these prayers after every Rosary with fasting and almsgiving.

We now publish the prayer and the requests of our Blessed Mother Mary in the faith filled hope that God will use her influence as our Little Mother in Heaven to transform a nation caught in the chains of immorality into a country truly dedicated to the purity of her Sons Most Sacred Heart.

We urge everyone who reads this letter to ask the Lord to give you the name of at least one person you can offer a daily Rosary, the wearing of the Brown Scapular and the sacrifices of daily duty, plus fasting and almsgiving so that he or she might be convicted by the Holy Spirit, convert to the Lord and find the true freedom that purity of heart brings.

We further offer to pray with you for your chosen people if you will send us the initials of their names to us on our website. We promise to pray earnestly for all the persons at noon, three and six pm as members of our Order pray the Rosary that the Lord will grant them the grace of conversion and amendment of heart.

God bless you.

Written this July 19, 2006, the Feast Day of Saint Macrina, Virgin and Martyr

Bishop Trimelda C. McDaniels +
Christ Charismatic Liturgical Recovery Church
;Bringing The Power of Heaven Into The Pits of Hell

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The Promise

Pray this prayer three times a day after the Rosary for nine days for someone struggling with the sin of any sin of impurity; especially fornication. During that time and afterwards add fasting of some type with almsgiving, along with wearing the Brown Scapular as a prayer for the Blood of Jesus to cover both you and the person you're praying for to be delivered.

The Promise is that God will grant that person the Graces of repentance within 30 days to a year.

The Prayer


Oh Great and Merciful Heavenly Father, we come to you today in the Name of Jesus Your Blessed and Holy Son by the Power of Your Most Holy Spirit to ask deliverance from the evils of the twisted sin of fornication for _______________. We especially pray, fast and cry out this day concerning_____________ caught in the trap of homosexuality and we ask that you honor the prayers and witness of the Holy Martyrs of Uganda on ________s behalf.

We know your Holy Word forbids these things as abominations and that the wages of unrepented sin is death. But the world has chosen to bend the knee to what it popular, instead of what is right. It seeks approval for these acts, instead of repentance; it cries out for acceptance instead of transformation and healing. It seeks conformity instead of the Peace of Christ that passes all understanding.

This was the test given to the Martyrs of Uganda: would they obey God or obey man? They were given the choice: support, approve or ignore the sins of homosexuality or die.

They chose death and found their glory in the ashes of the flames of martyrdom rather than offend You and lose their immortal souls. For this reason, the Body of Christ honors them in their victory and blesses You for giving them the strength to deny the flesh, even unto death by sword and fire.

Please grant _____________ that same grace of strength and courage in his/her/their time of need. Open Your arms of love and power to help__________ overcome sin as the Holy Martyrs did. Deliver_________ from the snare of the Enemy. Give him/her/their the faith to believe Your Word, receive Your Hope and walk in Your Victory over this sin and every other evil that the world, the flesh and the devil may have in store for him/her/their.

Most of all, dear Father, heal the wounds and confusion that have caused_________ to fall into this sin in the first place. Bring forgiveness to__________s heart, cleaning to _________s body and clarity to _____________s mind for any act of violence or abuse that opened the door to this pattern of sin. Forgive those around him/her/their that may have caused this problem through neglect, cruelty or stupidity. Help us to support____________s recovery that we might be instruments of Your Healing to him/her/their and many others.

I ask for the Promise of the Martyrs be given to ______________: that he/she would be given the Grace to clearly see and understand homosexuality as sin, to repent of any and all attachment to it and any other sin of impurity and that _____________ would find total and complete deliverance and victory in Christ within thirty days time.

I especially ask this for the many members of the clergy and the entertainment industry who are caught up in this enslavement, particularly, __________.

Have mercy on them, Holy Lord! Forgive us our trespasses against all who have fallen into this sin and help us to bring them Your Love and Salvation.

In the Name of Jesus and for the sake of His Precious Blood shed in the pain and shame of the Cross, do whatever it takes to bring ____________ out of darkness into Your marvelous light and let it begin today. Amen.

Saint Mary Magdalene, pray for us

Saint Francis of Assisi, pray for us

Saint Margaret of Corona, pray for us

Saint Thomas Aquinas, pray for us

Saint Philomena, pray for us

Saint Maria Goretti, pray for us

Saint Dymphna, pray for us

All the Holy Martyrs of Uganda and all holy martyrs of purity, pray for us


If you haven't prayed a Rosary yet, say it after this prayer. One segment of the Rosary of either the Joyful, Sorrowful or Glorious mysteries will suffice for the Promise. But you could do the Prayer in the morning with the Joyful Mysteries, afternoon with the Sorrowful Mysteries and then finish out the evening with the Glorious Mysteries, saying the Martyrs' Prayer each time.

We're doing the Prayer at Noon, Three and Six each day from July 2nd to November 27th.


1) Abstain from something as a fast to God during this prayer time and afterwards as an extra daily sacrifice to the Lord for that person's deliverance. Remember that some evil spirits only come out, "through prayer and fasting."

This fast can be giving up cigarettes, candy, pop, TV, movies, and anything else you may enjoy. If it costs money, donate what you have saved from giving it up to a charity that works with sexually abused children or adults.

2) That's where the almsgiving comes into play. Make a sacrificial offering of love to a place that cares for sexually abused children or domestic violence victims. Do it quietly for God in the name of the person you are praying for to ask the Lord to bless that person with repentance and healing.

The special Nine Days Prayer in Honor of the Martyrs of Purity, combined with praying the Rosary, fasting and almsgiving is very pleasing to God.


Mary is God's secret weapon of purity in these end times of sin and confusion. Let us ask this Valiant Woman to stand with us in prayer against the enemy who would turn our land into a vast wasteland of impurity and death.

Together the Church can defeat sin and reclaim what is lost in the Name of Jesus Christ and the Power of His Precious Blood!